We need to know who you are: If you have a band and play Brazilian dance music, then send us your website and/or myspace address to where we can hear your music online.

Press kit should include:

1) Bio and Press release of the band

2) CD with at least 5 songs

3) Make sure your name and contact information are on ALL MATERIALS sent such as email, phone number and name of person in charge of your booking

Bands policy FOR PRINT (word doc)


DJ 's Requirements: A knowledge of current and old Brazilian Music.

If you are a DJ who like to spin Brazilian & World Dance music, contact Sonia Peyroton. El Rio provides a full dj booth with both turntables and a dual cd player. You would need your own needles and headphones.

DJs policy FOR PRINT (word doc)


Artists' Submissions and Requirements: Your artwork must reflect Brazilian culture.

Your artwork will be exposed to indoor and outdoor/ patio elements. El Rio is not liable for any artwork damaged during the event. (Please remember El Rio is a bar, not an art gallery). Please be sure your artwork is framed, mounted and protected in a presentable and good quality fashion.

Depending on your art medium, setup times will vary. Artist must be ready and setup by 9PM. Artist will exhibit from 9pm-12am and is in charge of setting up, hanging, mounting, dismounting and cleaning their area. Artists retain 100% of their sales.

In case of bad weather and depending on your art medium, and for the purposes of your artwork protection, El Rio and/or iBrazil retain the rights to cancel, postpone or change location (within El Rio premises) and time of exhibit.

If you meet this criteria and are interested in exhibiting and selling your artwork at the event, contact: Sonia Peyroton

Art Exhibit Policiy FOR PRINT (word doc)

General Policy:

  • Send us your website and/or myspace address in order for us to view your artwork/portfolio. OR
  • Send an email with three attached images/jpgs (sized at under 100K per image)
  • Make sure your name and contact information are included in your email.
  • Electronic Submissions are PREFERRED and are likely to receive a quicker response.
  • Please do not send a physical portfolio.
  • We request that you do not call to check on the status of your submission. If you require confirmation of receipt of your submission send your package by certified mail, return receipt requested. No other receipt confirmation will be provided.
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